Skills. Hiking.

Hiking is one of the fundamental experiences of scouting. The Hiking merit badge is one of the three merit badges that are focus one physical fitness. To achieve the Eagle rank, a scout must either complete their Hiking, Cycling or Swimming merit badge.

Troop 175 will offer an opportunity to earn a Hiking merit badge over the course of the summer. Many of our scouts have started their Hiking merit badge but not finish. Scouts can use this page to find resources and schedules to help them earn their Hiking merit badge.

There are many resources that can help you with the Hiking Merit Badge. One of the best resources is, especially the hiking merit badge worksheet. another resource is the hiking merit badge book. you can also find a hiking checklist on the troop site.

Scheduled Hikes

Date Location Distance
05/31/2014 Iroquois Park 10 Miles
06/14/2014 Millennium Trail 13 Miles
07/25/2014 Jefferson Memorial Forest 10 Miles
08/09/2014 River Walk 10 Miles
09/13/2014 Camp Crooked Creek 10 Miles
10/11/2014 Beckely Creek 20 Miles

Past Hikes

Date Location Distance
03/10/2012 Iroquois Park 10 Miles
04/21/2012 Jefferson Memorial Forest 10 Miles
09/14/2012 Otter Creek 10 Miles
Unknown Taylorsville Lake 10 Miles
Unknown River Walk 10 Miles