Knot Master. Level.


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Level Five is the final level of the Knot Master Program. The level of Knot Master is achieved by combining the skills you’ve learned in completing Levels One through Four, and then going a little further on your own, to create a decorative or functional rope project. Decorate a walking stick or make a key fob from a combination of Round and Square Sinnets and modifying the Chinese Button as a lanyard knot. Make a decorative lanyard to clip on a whistle and/or compass using variations of the knots you’ve learned. Make a decorative wall hanging or a door mat using a variation of the Turks Head or the Ocean Plait. The field is wide open. Do a little research, think it over, use your imagination and be creative! Once you’ve done so, you will truly have become a Knot Master.

But like anything else, if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it! Make sure to stay proficient on all of the knots you’ve learned. Wearing the black rope is a symbol to all that you can be relied on to demonstrate and teach any of the knots at any given moment.

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