Troop. Patrols.

Eagle's Nest

The Troop at St. Edward Church in its current form was established just a few years ago. It is a resurgence of a Troop that was at St. Edward for many years. The Troop currnetly has 28 Scouts in 4 patrols. Learning leadership skills is one of the goals of the Boy Scouts and as such the Troop is lead by the scouts. The positions that are available to the scouts are listed in the Youth Roles and Responsibilities along with a form to apply for one of the positions.

The Troop meets on Sunday nights at St. Edward Church 6:00pm during the school year and 6:30 during the summer. One camping trip a month is always a goal. The Troop is made up of three patrols.

Badger Patrol

Gazelle Patrol

Brave Patrol

Ninja Dogfish Patrol

Tough Turtle Patrol