Upcoming Events
Date Event
08/23/2019 Troop 175 - Annual Lake Weekend
08/28/2019 Troop 175 August Committee Meeting
08/31/2019 2019 Popcorn Show and Sell
09/07/2019 U of L Parking
09/08/2019 U of L Parking Clean Up
UL Parking 09/06/2019
2019 Popcorn Show and Sell 09/09/2019
Gaslight Parking 2019 09/13/2019

Merit Badge Oppurtunities


This section will be updated with Merit Badge Opportunities outside of the normal meeting schedule.



Design Your Own MB Experience

Louisville Science Center

Scout Programs Coordinator: Kasey Brown @ 502.560.7156


Lincoln Trail District Merit Badge College

February 16, 2019

Elizabethtown Community and Technical College

Leaders Guide Coming This Fall



Thanks to Jennifer Reid for taking the role as Popcorn Kernel and setting up dates for storefront sales.  The troop makes 37% commission on all sales.

 Everyone needs to register for 1 - 4 Hour shift.

Kroger - Tyler Center

August 17 - 18

August 31

September 8

*4 scouts are needed per date.



Once again our Troop has been blessed to park cars at the lot near Helm and Central Avenue.  We will be looking for the Adults to work most of this time.


Thank you Whip Mix for the oppurtunity!


We have a chance again this year to work at the Ratterman Funeral parking lot for Gaslight. Please remember to bring a flashlight and water. Each shift must have 2 adults.

Please try and come a bit early for your shift. Scouts and adult leaders should wear their field (class a) uniform.


Each scout is encouraged to work at least one shift.

Meeting Plans